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In 1987 we started out on a mission to provide a better life to our family, to our employees, and to provide the best service possible for our customers. Over 35 years later our mission remains the same.
In 2021 we began to expand our company. We wanted to provide the same service and product not only to our hometown of Colorado Springs but also to our neighboring town, Denver, and hopefully, one day, to the entire state of Colorado. We now start a new chapter in our small family business and we are happy that you are here to join us!



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Our Story

Growing up under the family business was always interesting. As a kid I don’t think my sisters and I ever really appreciated what our parents did. Looking back now, with all of us having worked in the business for some time now, we have found a new respect for our roots.
Our business is family. It always has been and it always will be. In 1987 shortly after it’s founding my Dad purchased this business with the idea of fixing it up. He and my Mom soon grew to appreciate the service business. They worked hard providing for their employees, their family, and their customers.
My Dad always had the right business sense in mind. “KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER”. He drilled this into us as he slowly passed the reigns over the years. Today we still have the same mindset. We want to know our customers so we can provide them with the service and satisfaction they deserve!
That was just one of the few lessons our Dad passed to us throughout the years of his hard work. Some of them were never spoken but just a simple attitude that pushed him and his family forward. I call that attitude the “humble spirit”.
Having a house cleaning business is hard work. If you go to our original website here you can see what my Dad says about this himself: “Most start up house cleaning businesses go out of business within  the first 2 years.” The reason is simple: most will not do what it takes to make their customers happy.
As a kid I watched my Mom and Dad put their heart and soul into this business. They took it from a few employees to many. From a small company to a leader in their local community. As a kid witnessing the hard work they put in I could not help but be impressed at times. My parents had the right attitude. When times were tough and they had less than reliable employees it was not uncommon to see them make their way to a customers house and clean it themselves. They cared about their customers and that attitude is what inspires us today.
Trying to carry the name “Humble” is a challenging task. I have heard it said that “if you call yourself humble you are no longer humble”. When I joined the family business in 2018, having made my way in the world I could not help but get a sense of my parents attitude and spirit still penetrating this place. I saw what it takes to run a successful company and I wanted to live that spirit also.
When we decided we were going to grow the company from our single location in Colorado Springs, to neighboring areas, we began thinking of names that would best suit who we are and what we want to represent. We had confidence in our mission and  we wanted to always remain true to our roots no matter where our successes or failures brought us.
The name we chose was “Humble”. And our goal is to be true to our name and the spirit that our parents brought this business over 30 years ago.
Our goals are simple: We want to continue to improve the lives of our employees. We want to provide the best service possible. We want to stay true to our name no matter what. We never want to stop improving.
If you are looking for a family business who cares. Give us a shot. Our mission is humble service.
If you want to check out our original branch (we still operate):  Colorado Springs House Cleaning
If you want to see my Dad’s original site click here.
– The Family of Colorado Springs House Cleaning -> Humble House Cleaning
Mario Philippou, Linda Philippou, Sharon Philippou Jones, Michelle Philippou Stoddard, Philip Philippou

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