What to expect?

When you are new to our service, it’s always nice to know what to expect, so here is some basics that you should know before your first cleaning.

A simple process.

Our process is as easy as 1,2,3.
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    We Clean

    Our team will arrive and clean your home. If you have any special requests let us know beforehand so we don't miss anything.

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    You Relax

    Enjoy your clean home. Call us again or schedule regular service.

The Fundamentals

Expect these things.

Communication is a top priority for us. You will hear from us the day before your service to remind you. We will also communicate clearly if we are having any issues or changes.


Sometimes mistakes happen. That's why if you aren't satisfied we will come back and make it right for you!


If you are scheduled and you need it done that day we will make it happen. Even when we have problems, we can almost certainly accommodate your schedule. Flexible customers are always appreciated, but not expected!


Our house cleaners are professionally trained and many have years of experience.


35+ years in business. We strive to present ourselves in a professional manner and have a professional attitude.

Upfront Payment + Terms

We handle paperwork and payment upfront for your cleaning. That way your cleaner can get started right away when they arrive at your home! Curious about what are terms are? You can read them here.

Extra Protection

We operate by the book. Legal workers mean you aren't liable for taxes. Bonded & Insured means extra protection from damaged property. Workers Comp means extra protection from injuries inside your home.

What should I not expect?

Some things should not be expected from our team or our crews.
  • Do not expect us to know your pet peeves the first time we come to your home. Every home and person is different. In order for us to understand everything that you expect from your house cleaning we need to know what those expectations are. A list often helps as well as communication of your expectations to the office. As your crew gets more and more familiar with your home and you personally they too will grow to meet all those expectations.
  • Do not expect us to clean animal feces, hazmat, or extreme hoarder situations. Unfortunately, our insurance does not allow us to handle any waste or situations that might be considered unsafe for our house cleaners.
  • Do not expect our crews, or office staff to put up with verbally abusive language, sexual harassment, or unprofessional behavior. We have excellent customer service and can always resolve any issues, we just ask to be treated with respect!
  • Do not expect a full house cleaning if you do not book the estimated amount of time. Our estimates are based on our 30 years of experience. When we give you an estimate, you can be fairly sure it is close to the amount of time you will need for your entire home to be cleaned. If you do limit the amount of time, we cannot guarantee everything in your home will get done.

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