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Do you reside in or near Ken Caryl, Colorado? Are you exhausted from devoting all your leisure time to house cleaning? Our House Cleaning Ken Caryl, CO team is here to assist you. We're an established cleaning service that's been serving Ken Caryl and its neighboring areas for over 35+ years. Contact us today for a free estimate for your house cleaning requirements! Our service region encompasses Ken Caryl and its surrounding locales, positioning us as a top selection for House Cleaning in Ken Caryl, CO.

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House Cleaning Ken Caryl CO

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  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 35+ Years of Service
  • Reliable & Affordable
  • Bonded & Insured
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • No Contracts
  • Strict Vetting and Hiring Process
  • Simple Goals: Happy Customer
  • Simple Goals: Happy Employees
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A professional house cleaning woman wearing a blue apron mopping a floor. Working for Humble House Cleaning.

Your House. Your Way.

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Affordable Rates

Our pricing is highly competitive. Whether you’re in need of a single service for move out cleaning or move in cleaning, a thorough cleaning, or regular appointments, our House Cleaning Ken Caryl, CO specialists are ready to support you! Standard rates for bi-weekly or weekly cleanings for a compact residence or apartment in normal condition range from $108 to $148, while a medium-sized home generally costs between $148 and $198 per cleaning. Larger dwellings might be slightly higher, and homes with numerous pets or poor conditions will naturally require more effort and incur additional costs. Also, services like move out cleaning, move in cleaning, deep cleaning, spring cleaning, and more may have higher rates… please reach out to our House Cleaning Ken Caryl, CO team today for a free telephone estimate. Remember, if you have a restricted budget, we can customize our service with a priority list to fit your financial constraints. For instance, if you only need the bathrooms and kitchen cleaned, we can accommodate that, or if a full-house cleaning is desired, we offer that too. Additionally, some clients may prefer weekly service, while others might opt for bi-weekly or monthly service or occasional cleaning… our House Cleaning Ken Caryl, CO team can fulfill any of your needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements… we’re eager to collaborate with you to ensure affordability. We can also assist with referrals for external window cleaning or carpet cleaning, as our specialty lies in house cleaning related tasks.

Why Choose Humble House Cleaning?

We’re the longest-standing locally owned cleaning company in the region. Our exceptional service and stability as an established Colorado company have been prominent for over 35+ years, and we plan to continue for many more. Our steady growth over the years is attributed to our fair pricing and superior house cleaning services. As a local family-owned business, we value traditional customer service. When you contact our company, you’ll connect with a live person capable of addressing your queries and resolving your concerns. We and our staff are integral members of our community, and our earnings as a business and employees are reinvested locally, benefiting our city. As a business, we’re large enough to deliver outstanding and reliable services for our clients but still intimate enough to know each customer personally. Unlike franchise cleaning companies, we don’t bear high franchise fees, allowing us to maintain low overheads and pass the savings to our customers. If you’re seeking affordable House Cleaning Ken Caryl, CO services, we’re your ideal choice! Join our multitude of contented clients who’ve discovered that WE can address all their cleaning necessities… We offer both regular and occasional cleanings, as well as Spring Cleaning, one-time deep cleaning, and Move Out cleaning and Move In cleaning! Call us today for a free estimate.

A professional house cleaning woman wearing a blue apron mopping a floor in Ken Caryl co. Working for Humble House Cleaning Ken Caryl CO.
A woman house cleaner wearing a blue apron and white shirt and yellow gloves doing professional house cleaning ken caryl co while washing a plate. She works for humble house cleaning ken caryl co.

Our Typical Services

The bulk of our clientele opt for weekly or bi-weekly services, but we also cater to spring cleaning, deep cleaning, one-time cleaning, move out cleaning, move in cleaning, and occasional services. In every scenario, we provide quality affordable rates to all our customers! If you require House Cleaning Ken Caryl, CO services, we’re at your service. We’ll take care of all your house cleaning needs. Please reach out to our Ken Caryl office to check if we offer maid service in your area. Chances are, we do! You can also contact us locally at 720-457-9793

Move Out Cleaning Services in Ken Caryl, CO

Preparing to vacate your home can be overwhelming, but with Humble House Cleaning’s move out cleaning services in Ken Caryl, CO, you can eliminate a significant task from your checklist. Our comprehensive move out cleaning Ken Caryl, CO package ensures every nook and cranny of your space is immaculate for the next occupants. We focus on kitchens and bathrooms, along with living areas and bedrooms, leaving the space in top condition. Rely on our experienced team for your move out cleaning needs in Ken Caryl, and proceed to your next home worry-free.

Boxes and cleaning supplies to represent move out cleaning Ken Caryl CO. Humble House Cleaning Ken Caryl CO
House cleaning supplies in a newly moved into home to represent move in cleaning Ken Caryl CO. Provided by Humble House Cleaning Ken Caryl CO

Move In Cleaning Services in Ken Caryl, CO

Ease into your new abode with Humble House Cleaning’s move in cleaning services in Ken Caryl, CO. Our move in cleaning Ken Caryl, CO experts are prepared to make your new space a clean, inviting haven. From dusting every surface to wiping out cabinets and disinfecting bathrooms, our Ken Caryl move in cleaning services are thorough, setting the stage for a fresh beginning. Start your new chapter in a home that feels pristine with our dedicated move in cleaning services.

Deep Cleaning Services in Ken Caryl, CO

For those occasions when your residence demands extra care, Humble House Cleaning provides deep cleaning services in Ken Caryl, CO. Our deep cleaning extends past regular upkeep, allocating more time in your home to address elements like baseboards, contact points, overhead fans, and more. Our deep cleaning services Ken Caryl, CO team is equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to undertake the demanding task of a deep clean. Whether it’s for seasonal cleaning or prepping for a special event, our Ken Caryl deep cleaning services will rejuvenate your home and enhance your living environment.

A woman house cleaner wearing a blue apron and white shirt and yellow gloves doing professional house cleaning ken caryl co while washing a plate. She works for humble house cleaning ken caryl co.

Why We Are Better!

Why choose us for all your house cleaning or maid service needs? Unlike the myriad of cleaning companies out there, the truth is that many don’t survive beyond a year or two. Over the years, we’ve observed the ebb and flow of businesses in this industry… glance at a phone book from a few years back and notice how many of those house cleaning or maid service firms are still operational. Most nascent House Cleaning Ken Caryl, CO businesses shut down within their first 2 years. Even many franchise operations change ownership 2 or 3 times in the first 5 years as the original owners realize the challenges and return the business to the franchise, which then sells it to another hopeful yet inexperienced owner. Meanwhile, customers and employees are left uncertain. Don’t be misled by franchises claiming decades of existence. Consider how long the LOCAL owner has been active and their expertise in house cleaning. We’ve been cleaning homes in Ken Caryl locally for over 35+ years! We understand house cleaning! Our longevity is due to our commitment to providing quality service at reasonable prices. We’ve faced all types of cleaning challenges and have solutions ready. We are bonded, insured, and perform extensive background checks on all our employees! Can you risk entrusting your home to just anyone? We conduct thorough vetting of our staff and offer quality affordable service throughout the Ken Caryl area.

We’re often questioned about our 35+ year longevity in this challenging industry. The key is consistently delivering on promises! We offer affordable, quality home cleaning service and have done so for the past 35+ years. Our employees are professionally trained house cleaners who genuinely care about their work and take pride in their performance. Moreover, when you contact our office, you’ll find our staff provide excellent customer service. We care about our customers. We’re a legitimate business, so calling our office during business hours connects you with a live person, not an answering machine! Our carefully selected office staff are attentive to our customers and will listen to your needs, striving to meet them. Our staff’s passion for house cleaning matches that of our employees, and that’s why we’re so successful! We don’t believe in shortcuts. We initiated our maid service in Colorado over 35+ years ago and have only grown since. Life is hectic, making it hard to keep up with household tasks, which is why we’re here. If keeping up with housework is challenging for you and you need an affordable maid service, we’re your solution. Our rates are reasonable, and we provide quality service! We’re not the cheapest in town because our goal is longevity, but we can outperform franchise companies in both price and quality due to our lower overheads. Each of our housekeepers understands the importance of delivering high-quality work in your home, and we have high expectations. Every one of our employees knows that we don’t bind our customers with long-term housekeeping service contracts; instead, we rely on the exceptional work of our employees to ensure our customers want us back.

Why We Are the Best Choice

Why are we superior to other services? We’ve been in this for over 35+ years and plan to continue for many more. We’re not a transient business; we’re here for the long haul. We genuinely care about each of our customers individually… we’re the best service in town, compare our rates… we’re affordable! YES, you can afford us! Try us out, we’re confident you’ll be delighted with our service!

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