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Do you live in or around the Littleton, Colorado area? Are you tired of spending all your free time on house cleaning? Our House Cleaning Littleton CO team can help you. We are a professional house cleaning service that has been serving Littleton and all the surrounding areas for over 35+ years. Please call us today for a free estimate for all of your house cleaning needs! Our service area includes the entire Littleton and surrounding areas, making us a leading choice for House Cleaning Littleton CO.

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House Cleaning Littleton CO

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  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 35+ Years of Service
  • Reliable & Affordable
  • Bonded & Insured
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • No Contracts
  • Strict Vetting and Hiring Process
  • Simple Goals: Happy Customer
  • Simple Goals: Happy Employees
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Your House. Your Way.

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Affordable Rates

Our rates are very affordable. Whether you are looking for a one-time service for a move out cleaning or move in cleaning, a deep cleaning, or you are looking for something regular, our House Cleaning Littleton CO experts can help you! Typical rates for an every other week or weekly cleaning for a small home or apartment in average condition would run between $108 and $148, while an average size home will typically run between $148 and $198 per cleaning. Larger homes may run a little higher, and homes with many pets or in bad condition will obviously take more time and run a little more. Also, move out cleaning or move in cleaning, deep cleaning, spring cleaning, etc. will also run more… please call our House Cleaning Littleton CO team today for a free over the phone estimate. Please keep in mind that if you are on a limited budget we may be able to tailor our service with a priority list to make it affordable for you and to meet your budget. For example, if all you need is the bathrooms and the kitchen then we can do that, if you want the entire house cleaned then we can do that too. Also, some customers may want weekly service, while others may just need want bi-weekly or monthly service or occasional cleaning… our House Cleaning Littleton CO team can do whatever you need to meet your requirements. Please call us to discuss your needs… we are happy to work with you to make it affordable for you. We can also help you with a referral for exterior window cleaning or carpet cleaning, since we only specialize in house cleaning related duties.

Why Choose Humble House Cleaning?

We are the oldest locally owned cleaning company in the area. We provide excellent service and are a stable, established Colorado company that has been here for over 35+ years and will be here for many more. Over the years we have grown steadily because of our fair prices and quality house cleaning services. We are a locally owned family business that believes in good old-fashioned customer service. When you call our company you are going to reach a live person who is going to be able to answer your questions and take care of all of your concerns. We and our employees are all part of our community and what we earn as a business and as employees is spent right here in our city goes right back into the community. As a company, we are big enough to provide excellent and reliable services for our customers but still small enough to KNOW each and every one of our customers by name. Unlike the franchise cleaning companies, we do not have to pay high franchise fees so we are able to keep our overheads low and pass on the savings to our customers. If you need affordable House Cleaning Littleton CO services then we are your best option! Why not join our hundreds of satisfied customers who have found out that WE can take care of all of their cleaning needs… We provide both regular and occasional cleanings as well as Spring Cleaning, one-time deep cleaning, and Move Out cleaning  and Move In cleaning! Call us today for a free estimate.

A professional house cleaning woman wearing a blue apron mopping a floor in littleton co. Working for Humble House Cleanin Littleton CO.
A woman house cleaner wearing a blue apron and white shirt and yellow gloves doing professional house cleaning littleton co while washing a plate. She works for humble house cleaning littleton co.

Our Typical Services

A large majority of our customers are weekly or every other week customers, but we also do spring cleaning, deep cleaning, one-time cleaning, move out cleaning and move in cleaning, and occasional service. In all cases, we offer quality affordable rates to all of our customers! If you need House Cleaning Littleton CO services then we can help you. We can take care of all of your house cleaning needs. Please call our Littleton office to see if we provide maid service in your area. It is very likely that we do! You can also call us locally on 720-457-9793

Move Out Cleaning Services in Littleton, CO

Preparing to leave your home can be stressful, but with Humble House Cleaning’s move out cleaning services in Littleton, CO, you can check one big item off your to-do list. Our thorough move out cleaning Littleton CO package ensures every corner of your space is clean for the next occupants. We pay special attention to kitchens and bathrooms, as well as living areas and bedrooms, leaving the place in great condition. Trust our experienced team for your move out cleaning in Littleton, and move on to your next home with peace of mind.

Boxes and cleaning supplies to represent move out cleaning Littleton CO. Humble House Cleaning Littleton CO
House cleaning supplies in a newly moved into home to represent move in cleaning Littleton CO. Provided by Humble House Cleaning Littleton CO

Move In Cleaning Services in Littleton, CO

Settle into your new home with ease thanks to Humble House Cleaning’s move in cleaning services in Littleton, CO. Our move in cleaning Littleton CO experts are ready to transform your new space into a clean, welcoming environment. From dusting every surface to cleaning out cabinets and sanitizing bathrooms, our Littleton move in cleaning services are comprehensive and designed to give you a fresh start. Begin your new chapter in a home that feels brand new with our dedicated move in cleaning services.

Deep Cleaning Services in Littleton, CO

For those times when your home needs some extra TLC, Humble House Cleaning offers deep cleaning services in Littleton, CO. Our deep cleaning goes beyond the regular maintenance and allows more time in your home to tackle things like baseboards, points of contacts, overhead fans and more. Our deep cleaning services Littleton CO team is equipped with the tools and expertise to tackle the tough job of a deep cleaning. Whether it’s for seasonal cleaning or preparing for a special event, our Littleton deep cleaning services will rejuvenate your home and enhance your living space.

A woman professional house cleaner maid house cleaning littleton co. Wiping kitchen countertop Humble House Cleaning Littleton Colorado

Why We Are Better!

Why use us for all of your house cleaning or maid service needs? What about other services out there? While it is true that there are hundreds of house cleaning companies out there, the fact of the matter is that most of these folks do not last more than a year or two. Over the years we have seen people come and go in this business… take a look at a phone book from a few years ago and see how many of those house cleaning or maid service companies are still operating today. Most start-up House Cleaning Littleton CO businesses go out of business within the first 2 years. Even many of the franchise operations change hands 2 or 3 times within the first 5 years as the original purchasers find that they can’t make it and turn the operation back to the franchise company, which promptly sells it to another inexperienced hopeful owner. In the meantime, customers and employees are left in limbo. Don’t be fooled by the franchise company’s claims that they have been in business since 1978. How long has the LOCAL owner of the operation been around and what do the owners really know about house cleaning? We have been cleaning Littleton homes locally for over 35+ years! We know house cleaning! We have survived because of our commitment to provide quality service at an affordable price. We have encountered all of the cleaning-related problems that come up and have the answers. We are bonded, insured, and do thorough background checks of all of our employees! Can you afford to have just anybody clean your home? We do detailed background checks on all of our employees and provide quality affordable service across the Littleton area.


We are often asked how it is that we have lasted over 35+ years in this business. This is a tough business to be in. The answer is to consistently deliver what you promise! We provide affordable quality home cleaning service and have been doing so for the past 35+ years. Our employees are professionally trained house cleaners who really care about their work and take pride in the work they do. In addition, when you call our office you will find that our office staff provide excellent customer service. We care about our customers. We are a real business, so when you call our office during business hours you will get a live person, not an answering machine! Our hand-picked office staff care about our customers and will listen to you and your needs and do their best to accommodate you. Our staff have a great passion for house cleaning and so do our employees, and that is the reason we are so successful! We don’t believe in cutting corners. We started our maid service here in Colorado over 35+ years ago and just keep growing! Life is so busy these days, it’s really tough to keep up with your home and that is the reason we do this. If you are having difficulty keeping up with your housework and you need an affordable maid service then you need us. Our rates are affordable and we provide quality service! We are not the cheapest people in town because we intend to be here next year and the following year and the year after that, but we can beat the franchise companies hands down on both price and quality because we do not have the large overheads that they do. Each of our housekeepers understands that it is important that they do a good quality job in your home and we expect a lot from them. Every one of our employees understands that we will not tie our customers down with long-term house cleaning service contracts, but instead, we expect that because of the great job our employees do the customer will want us back.

Why We Are the Best Choice

Why we are better than the other services out there? We have been doing this for over 35+ years, and will be here for the next 35+ years. We are not a fly by night that is here today and will be gone tomorrow. We genuinely care about our customers one at a time… we are the very best service in town, compare our prices… we are affordable! YES, you can afford us! Give us a try, we are sure you will love us!

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