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Are you a resident of South Denver or its vicinity? Exhausted from dedicating your leisure hours to house cleaning tasks? Let our House Cleaning South Denver, CO team assist you. As a seasoned professional cleaning service, we've been catering to South Denver, CO and nearby regions for more than three and a half decades. Reach out to us now for a complimentary estimate for your house cleaning requirements! Covering the whole expanse of South Denver, CO and its neighboring areas, we are your go-to choice for House Cleaning South Denver, CO.

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House Cleaning South Denver CO

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  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 35+ Years of Service
  • Reliable & Affordable
  • Bonded & Insured
  • Family Owned & Operated
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Affordable Rates

Our pricing is highly competitive. If you’re seeking a one time service for a move out cleaning or move in cleaning, a thorough deep cleaning, or regular maintenance, our House Cleaning South Denver, CO specialists are at your service! Standard rates for bi-weekly or weekly cleaning of a small residence or apartment in typical condition are generally in the range of $108 to $148. For a home of average size, the cost usually falls between $148 and $198 per cleaning session. Larger residences might be slightly higher, and homes with numerous pets or in poorer condition will understandably require more time and be somewhat higher in price. Additionally, services like move out cleaning, move in cleaning, comprehensive deep cleaning, and seasonal cleaning tend to have higher rates… please reach out to our House Cleaning South Denver, CO team today for a complimentary phone-based estimate. It’s worth noting that for those on a tight budget, we can customize our services with a list of priorities to fit your financial constraints. For instance, if you need only the bathrooms and kitchen cleaned, that’s what we’ll focus on; if you desire a full-house clean, we’re equipped to do that as well. Moreover, our customers have varied needs—some prefer weekly services, others opt for bi-weekly or monthly, or even just occasional cleaning… our House Cleaning South Denver, CO team is ready to accommodate your specific needs. We invite you to contact us to discuss your requirements… we’re eager to collaborate with you to ensure affordability. While we focus exclusively on house cleaning tasks, we’re also happy to offer referrals for external window cleaning or carpet cleaning services.

Why Choose Humble House Cleaning?

As one of the most established locally-operated cleaning company in the region, we offer top-notch services and stand as a stable, long-standing Colorado enterprise, proudly serving the community for over 35+ years with a commitment to continue for many more. Our gradual growth over the years is a testament to our reasonable rates and superior house cleaning services. Our locally-owned family business is grounded in the principles of classic customer service. Whenever you contact us, you’ll be greeted by a live person ready to address your inquiries and resolve any concerns. We and our staff are integral members of our community, ensuring that what we earn as a business and individually as employees is reinvested locally, contributing to our city’s welfare. As a business, we strike the perfect balance—large enough to deliver dependable, top-quality services, yet intimate enough to remember each of our customers by name. In contrast to franchise cleaning operations, we don’t bear the burden of hefty franchise fees, allowing us to maintain low overheads and extend those savings to our customers. If you’re in need of affordable House Cleaning South Denver, CO solutions, look no further! Join our extensive list of content clients who have discovered that we can fulfill all their cleaning requirements… We offer a range of services including regular and occasional cleanings, Spring Cleaning, one-time thorough cleanings, Move Out cleaning, and Move In cleaning! Don’t hesitate to reach out for a complimentary estimate.

A professional house cleaning woman wearing a blue apron mopping a floor in south denver co. Working for Humble House Cleaning South Denver CO.
A woman house cleaner wearing a blue apron and white shirt and yellow gloves doing professional house cleaning south denver co while washing a plate. She works for humble house cleaning south denver co.

Our Typical Services

A significant portion of our clientele opts for weekly or bi-weekly services, yet we are equally adept at handling seasonal deep cleans, singular cleaning sessions, move-out, and move-in cleanings, as well as sporadic requests. We pride ourselves on offering competitively priced, high-quality services to every client! In need of House Cleaning South Denver, CO assistance? Our team is ready to address all your home cleaning requirements. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our South Denver office to verify if our maid services extend to your locale. Chances are high that we’re already serving your neighborhood! Our local South Denver contact line is 720-457-9793

Move Out Cleaning Services in South Denver, CO

Preparing for a move can be a daunting task, but with Humble House Cleaning’s move out cleaning services in South Denver, CO, you can ease one major stressor from your moving checklist. Our comprehensive move out cleaning South Denver CO package guarantees that every nook and cranny of your dwelling is meticulously cleaned for its new residents. We give extra care to crucial areas like kitchens and bathrooms, along with living spaces and bedrooms, ensuring the place is left in top-notch condition. Rely on our skilled team for your move out cleaning requirements in South Denver, and transition to your new abode with a sense of tranquility.

Boxes and cleaning supplies to represent move out cleaning South Denver CO. Humble House Cleaning South Denver CO
House cleaning supplies in a newly moved into home to represent move in cleaning South Denver CO. Provided by Humble House Cleaning South Denver CO

Move In Cleaning Services in South Denver, CO

Ease into your new dwelling seamlessly with Humble House Cleaning’s move in cleaning services in South Denver, CO. Our move in cleaning South Denver CO specialists are primed to revitalize your new living space, making it a clean and inviting haven. Tackling everything from thorough dusting to wiping down cabinets and disinfecting bathrooms, our South Denver move in cleaning services are all-encompassing, aiming to provide you with a pristine beginning. Start your next chapter in a residence that sparkles like new, courtesy of our devoted move in cleaning services.

Deep Cleaning Services in South Denver, CO

When your residence requires that extra bit of care, Humble House Cleaning presents deep cleaning services in South Denver, CO. Our deep cleaning extends beyond routine upkeep, dedicating additional time in your home to address areas like baseboards, touchpoints, ceiling fans, and more. The team behind our deep cleaning services South Denver CO is armed with both the necessary tools and expertise to effectively handle the demanding task of a thorough deep clean. Ideal for either seasonal sprucing or getting ready for a significant occasion, our South Denver deep cleaning services will revitalize your home and enrich your living environment.

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Why We Are Better!

Why should you choose us for your house cleaning or maid service requirements? Amidst numerous other service providers, what sets us apart? It’s a known fact that the cleaning industry is replete with numerous companies, yet many of these businesses barely survive beyond a year or two. Observing the industry over the years, we’ve noticed the transient nature of many enterprises in this domain. Take a moment to peruse an old phone directory and see how many of those house cleaning or maid service companies are still in operation. A substantial number of start-up House Cleaning South Denver CO enterprises fold within their initial two years. Even franchises often change hands multiple times within the first five years, as original owners discover the challenges of sustaining the business and revert ownership to the franchising company, which then passes it on to another inexperienced entrepreneur. In this cycle, customers and employees often find themselves in a state of uncertainty. Don’t be misled by franchise claims of longevity since 1978. What really counts is how long the LOCAL operator has been active and their expertise in house cleaning. Our local experience in cleaning South Denver homes spans over 35+ years! Our deep understanding of house cleaning comes from our enduring commitment to providing exceptional service at a reasonable price. We’ve encountered and solved a myriad of cleaning-related challenges. Our company is bonded, insured, and we conduct extensive background checks on all our staff! When it comes to home cleaning, can you really trust just anyone? Our detailed employee screenings and commitment to quality affordable service have been our hallmark across the South Denver area.

We are often queried about our secret to thriving for over 35+ years in such a demanding industry. The key lies in consistently delivering on our promises! Our pledge to offer affordable, high-quality home cleaning services has been unwavering for over three decades. Our team comprises professionally trained house cleaners who take immense pride in their work. Moreover, our office staff is known for their exceptional customer service. We value our clients deeply. Being a bona fide business, we assure you that during business hours, your calls will be answered by a real person, not an automated response system. Our office team is carefully chosen for their customer-centric approach and eagerness to address your needs. Our staff’s passion for house cleaning is matched by our employees’ dedication, which is the cornerstone of our success. We don’t cut corners. Established over 35+ years ago right here in Colorado, we continue to expand our reach. In today’s fast-paced world, keeping up with household chores can be challenging, and that’s where we come in. If you’re struggling to maintain your home and need an affordable maid service, we are your solution. Our rates are competitive, and we stand by our commitment to quality. We might not be the cheapest option, but our goal is to be here for you year after year. Our housekeepers understand the importance of delivering top-quality service in your home, and we hold them to high standards. We believe that our excellent service, rather than long-term contracts, will make you want us back in your home.

Why We Are the Best Choice

Why are we the superior choice compared to other services? Our track record of over 35+ years in the business is just the beginning. We’re committed to being here for you for the next 35+ years and beyond. We stand apart from transient companies that appear and disappear overnight. Our focus is on caring for each of our customers individually… we pride ourselves on being the top service provider in South Denver, CO. When you compare our rates, you’ll find that we offer exceptional value – we’re truly affordable! YES, you can indeed choose us without stretching your budget! Give us a chance, and we’re confident you’ll find our service unmatched!

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