Why choose us?

Because we possess the experience YOU need. For over 35 years, we’ve been operating this business, initially started by our father and now managed by his children. We’ve observed the rise and fall of many companies. Having encountered every home and need, we understand how to provide the house cleaning you desire at an affordable price.

Why not choose an independent house cleaner?

Throughout the years, we’ve heard numerous horror stories about hiring independent house cleaners. Often, they’re unreliable, either failing to show up or constantly rescheduling. Sometimes, the issues are more severe, such as theft or unprofessional behavior like discussing inappropriate topics or burdening customers with personal problems. Complaints about poor attitudes, inability to accept criticism, and overall negative demeanor are also common. Worse yet are incidents where an independent cleaner gets injured in a home and sues the homeowner, or cases where the IRS pursues the customer for tax liabilities due to the cleaner’s improper tax filings. Over the years we have also heard the stories of significant property damage.

The risk with hiring an independent cleaner is the lack of recourse. You’re dependent on an individual who might or might not show up, and there’s no accountability for their actions. While it might seem cheaper, a single accident can result in substantial financial liabilities. Do you want to risk a lawsuit or theft of your valuables?

Not all independents are dishonest. Many are hardworking individuals trying to earn a living. However, they often face challenges like losing income when regular clients go on vacation or being unable to reach a client’s home due to car issues, leading to financial desperation and in turn may be tempted into theft or other misdeeds.

The main problem that many independent cleaners face is the lack of knowledge and foresight needed for such a role. Do they have contingency plans for illness, vehicle repairs, client cancellations, or vacations?

While many excel in cleaning, they often lack the structure, business skills, and foresight to deliver consistently. We don’t understand why anyone would want to work as an independent house cleaner over working with a company like ours. Our professional house cleaners typically earn more, with all expenses covered, sick leave, retirement options, scheduled time off, and no scheduling responsibilities.

Despite our view, many independent cleaners offer unsustainable pricing. Most don’t last more than a year in the market due to undercharging and underestimating the difficulties of running a solo operation.

We also question customers who hire independents, given the substantial risks and minimal savings. Additionally, you’ll likely need to find a new cleaner every 6 to 12 months, dealing with scheduling issues and limited availability.

As consumers ourselves, we too have been tempted by low prices from independent workers, only to later learn the hard lessons about unguaranteed work or lack of support when problems arise.

Don’t believe us? Look at the reviews for companies offering intermediary services for independent cleaners:


We’ve never had such adverse experiences with our customers. On the rare occasion of an issue, we go above and beyond to resolve it.

What about other cleaning companies?

Reputable cleaning companies with at least 5-10 years of experience are typically preferable to independent cleaners. Avoid middleman companies promising independent cleaners, as they often bind you to long contracts. Franchises can be inconsistent, mainly due to frequent management changes every 2-4 years, which can disrupt service quality.

Well-established local companies are your best bet. These businesses, including ours, have years of experience in resolving issues. They know how to hire effectively, manage schedules, and cater to customer needs and desires.

Even so, many companies simply are not up to the task of providing quality services, reliable & trustworthy crews, while maintaining an affordable cost. Those metrics are our companies key strength and our differentiator between our competitors. Excelling in those is what has kept us in business all these years.

So, why choose us specifically?

For one. We aren’t them! But seriously, the answer is simple: our extensive experience. We provide outstanding customer service via phone, email, or text. We understand and meet our customers’ expectations. If there’s a problem, we will fix it. We’re trustworthy, only hiring reliable staff. Our services are affordable, and we manage our schedules efficiently to cater to your needs. Our 35+ years in the industry speak for themselves. We consistently receive calls from people leaving their current cleaning services for ours. It’s challenging to deliver consistently in this industry, but our track record proves our long-standing success.

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